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What You're Getting:
  • Q&A Forum: You'll get to interact with other real estate investors and the Kwak Brothers. Got questions about a deal you're working on? Ask your questions and get your answers!
  • Foundations Courses: You'll learn how to find off-market deals with little to NO marketing budget, learn how to set up your LLCs and corporations, and understand how to build and maintain SOLID credit.
  • Calculators : You'll get access to our premium calculators to help you analyze deals faster!
  • ​Contract Templates: You'll get access to owner financing contract templates, wholesaling contract templates, and real estate purchase contract templates.
  • ​Accelerated Cashflow System: You'll learn how to properly analyze deals so that you're confident that the deal will cash flow and create returns. 
  • ​Raising Money & Owner Financing: You'll learn how to get money to come to you so that you'll never have to worry about raising money again. You'll also learn how to negotiate for owner financing so that you don't need to use credit nor the banks to get deals done!
  • Property Management: You'll learn how to never deal with tenant troubles by managing rentals and tenants properly!
TOTAL VALUE: $16,276

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