"0 To 75 Units
In 1 Year" Book Launch
April 1st 2019 Release
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You're Gonna Learn...
How to find off-market deals
The Kwak Brothers will show you how to find off-market deals that will ultimately turn into your passive income machine! and empire!
how to negotiate for owner financing
The Kwak Brothers will share their secrets in negotiating owner financing and acquiring deals without having to get a bank loan!
how we raised capital to acquire 75 units
The Kwak Brothers will share how they raised capital to fund their deals without having to deal with hard money lenders or the banks.
Meet the kwak brothers
" We're going to share how we went from 0 to 75 rental units in just 1 year. Our journey, our experience, and our hurdles... We're share ALL of our secrets that will help you acquire passive income FASTERĀ "
-The Kwak Brothers
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