Interested In 1:1 Coaching With The Kwak Brothers?
Find out how you can complete your next Real Estate Deal FASTER and get a personalized help for your unique situation!
  • 1:1 Video/Phone Calls: Get real-time coaching Sessions with the Kwak Brothers
  • Deal Walk-Through: Get Access to Assistance When Doing a Deal
  • VIP Network Access: Get Access to the Kwak Brothers' VIP Network of Professionals (lawyers, accountants, contractors, etc.)
  • Community Access: Connect with Other 1:1 Coaching Students with an EXCLUSIVE membership
  • Bi-Weekly Online Study Group: Get accountability every other week for your deals and progress outside of individual sessions.
  • ​Full Curriculum & Brochure: Click Here To Access our Full Brochure To See what you get with the 1:1 Coaching Experience 
In order for you to access our 1:1 Coaching Experience, 
You Must Fill out an Application First!
Step 1
The first step is for you to fill out an application to schedule a call with one of the Kwak Brothers or its coaching staff.
Step 2
The Second step is for you to complete a quick 15 - 20 minute interview call to see if you're a good fit. Some candidates may require 2 or more interviews
Step 3
Once the call is complete, You'll have a direct interview session with one of the Kwak Brothers.
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